Zenith Auction  



As Principal Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer for Zenith Auction & Realty, Inc., I am responsible for all transactions and conduct related to Real Estate and Auction matters by Zenith representatives to the respective State Commissions.


In assuming this position with Zenith Auction & Realty, Inc., I renewed a pledge made to myself that I would exert a never ending effort to do everything possible to be the very best.


Past positions, such as President of the Georgia Grain Dealers Association, President of the Local Lions Club, Chairman of the Flatlanders Fall Frolic Committee and a member of the City Council and Zoning Board along with present memberships in Local, State and National Real Estate and Auctioneers Associations, lend essential experience and associations with people throughout the State.


My formal education began in the Lanier County School System. After graduation from Lanier County High School, I attended Norman College and Valdosta State College, before receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administra­tion and Management from Piedmont College. The “never ending effort” pledge is exemplified again in that, every possible training seminar is attended and, I am now a candidate for the CAI Designation from Certified Auctioneers Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Education comments are not complete without recognition of the years spent around “Uncle” Bob Patten’s general mercantile store and “Captain” John Smith’s mule trading barn and my daddy’s old feed mill. Those were the days when I was taught the “how to deal with people” business. It is upon these old line principles — “trade fair,” “your word is your bond,” “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay” — that Zenith Auction & Realty, Inc., is built.



(Left to Right)

Curt Mathis, Donald Patten, and Jerry Mathis

Donald Patten

Donald Patten at Auction House

JD Patten

Mr. J.D. Patten, Donald's Father